Bitcoin Price Forecast 2024: What Investors Should Know

Bitcoin is undoubtedly one of the most talked about currencies. Everyone is holding their breath waiting for new predictions. Investors are constantly in search of expert opinion of analysts wishing to be convinced of the benefits of investment. Analysts in their time keeping an eye on the currency and not losing vigilance, then rejoice unprecedented jump, stunning success, then shatter all hopes and expectations. 

So, what is the forecast for 2024 

At one time it was already predicted the brutal crash of 2021 (and the spectacular upswing that followed). Now, a chart analyst under the pseudonym Dave the Wave has made a new prediction of bitcoin's current bull run and calculated how much he estimates the world's number one cryptocurrency will grow.

Currently, bitcoin has already passed the $60,000 mark - a figure only surpassed in 2021, when it hit an all-time high. This reflects an incredible uptrend, and one is left wondering: what's next?

Bitcoin's outlook

Leading trader Michael van de Poppe emphasizes that while the likelihood of bitcoin reaching $500,000 in the long term is "definitely there," the next correction will still come. And, according to Poppe, "if bitcoin corrects by 20% or more," this should be used "as a great buying opportunity."

However, in the medium term, $BTC may stop at a smaller price target. This is the opinion of the aforementioned chart expert Dave the Wave, considered one of the most accurate cryptocurrency analysts in the industry, who now predicts that bitcoin could hit the $180,000 mark.

However, Dave the Wave recognizes that bitcoin may not rise as much as it did during previous bull rallies. There are two groups among investors: those who, based on past performance, are convinced that bitcoin will deliver lower returns in the future. And those who still believe in the coming price explosion.

Will there never be a true bull rally again

Bitcoin is set to halve in April, with capital flows from bitcoin ETF funds on its side. So far, however, despite this, the asset has failed to surpass its previous all-time high. That could change soon though if it continues its uptrend.

Traders' strategy

Many traders are betting on coins from the bitcoin ecosystem, such as Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) for the next bull rally. The pre-sale project has no market capitalization as it is not available on the open market, allowing for potentially inflated prices.

Early investors are participating in the official pre-sale by purchasing $BTCMTX on the developers' website. So far, 11.4$ million has already been raised. Bitcoin Minetrix will thus be among the first cryptocurrency exchanges with a large amount of funding.

Promising concept

Bitcoin Minetrix is considered to be the world's first cloud-based bitcoin mining solution of its kind. The project aims to bring the bitcoin mining industry, which is worth billions, to the general public and has developed an innovative concept to do so.

It also allows ordinary consumers to mine bitcoin with just a few clicks. It is enough to purchase a native token $BTCMTX from the project and get started.

According to the official website, annual profits can reach 60%. And that's not all: speculators also consider a possible price explosion, as seen by altcoin expert Jacob Bury, who expects a 10-fold increase.

To summarize, we can conclude that with each season the demand for bitcoin is only growing. In turn, Bitcoin Minetrix creates all conditions for increasing customer loyalty, which cannot but testify to the long-term perspective in the success of this company. Bitcoin is literally growing a community of like-minded people, which is another proof of reliability and justification of investment risks.


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