How to start investing and co-investing in real estate?

Investing in real estate is very profitable, especially if you want to make money in the long term. At the same time, it can be very difficult and risky, especially if you are new to this business.

Investing in Circular Real Estate (CIN) is one of the cheapest and safest ways to start your real estate investment journey.

CIN is an investment method where multiple investors pool their funds to purchase or manage real estate. This allows investors to access real estate investments that are too expensive or too difficult for private individuals to invest in.

This process itself is usually done through specialized companies known as mutual funds. These funds purchase and manage real estate on behalf of investors who invest their money in the fund as an investment.

CINs are attractive to those who want to earn income from real estate, but do not want to invest all their savings in one property. In addition, participating in a CIN allows you to diversify your investment portfolio by sharing risks between different properties.

To start investing in CIN, you need to follow several steps:

Real estate market research. As with any investment, it is important to research the real estate market and understand which properties are in demand. You can search for different types of properties such as residential properties, commercial properties and land. Key factors affecting property prices, such as location, transportation, and proximity to infrastructure, should be investigated.

Find an investment fund. There are several investment funds that specialize in real estate development. You can research these funds to find one that fits your investment goals and risk tolerance. You should look at the fund's history, current portfolio, and financial performance.

Determine the size of your investment budget. Before investing in real estate, you need to decide how much you want to invest in this investment. Please note that there are many investors involved in CIN, so some investment may be required.

There are many ways to invest, but not many people know that investing in real estate is not only the most reliable, but also the most profitable. Today we are going to introduce you to three different countries where real estate opens the door to economic growth in payments of up to three years: Egypt, Latvia and Georgia. And the great thing about it is that the payout is usually low, although it varies from developer to developer.

Start with the blazing sun, turquoise waters, pyramids and secret land of Egypt. The price per square meter is only $831. For 30 square meters (the average room size in the world), you have to pay $24,930. If you spread it over 36 months, your monthly payment is only $692. However, with a gross rental yield of 4.6%, you could earn up to $1,147 per year, not to mention a 128% increase in property value over the past decade.

Then we will go to Latvia, a country with beautiful nature and friendly people. Here, a square meter costs $1,064 and 30 square meters costs $31,920. Divide that amount by 36 months to get a monthly payment of $887. With a gross rental yield of 6.64%, the annual income could be around $2,120. And yes, land prices here have increased by 52.7% in the last decade.

Finally, move to colourful Georgia with delicious food. Here it costs $1,464 per square meter, or $43,920 per 30 square meters. Splitting this amount into 36 monthly payments yields a monthly payment of $1,220. With a gross rental yield of 11.84%, you can expect to earn up to $5,200 per year. Meanwhile, real estate values have increased by 35% in the past decade.


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