How to attract investors to Forex trading?

Today's investors are looking for Forex traders. Finding great Forex traders and consistently profitable portfolios is difficult.

But how to get investors for Forex trading and what to attract them with?

If you want to attract new deposits, you should know that every serious investor wants to see two things: excellent past performance and stable, live trading results. You will be able to attract an investor if you can prove that your past performance is as good as live trading and prove that the funds will be safe.

Many brokers want to find investors with large deposits right away. This is unrealistic. It's the same as a person who wrote a good blog post expecting to get a million pages of organic traffic from Google. More months and years will pass, more capital will come. But it's a slow process.

Here are the steps to attract investors:

Step 1. Create a live trading account online and offer to manage the funds.

Your system should go public right away.

Percentage Allocation Management Module or PAMM is a trading platform that simultaneously manages an unlimited number of managed accounts where the investor and trader use the same broker.

It's just like your hedge fund: you don't have to think about fees, taxes, fundraising, communications and technology. Hotforex broker's PAMM account, for example, will do everything for you, and can attract more than 1 million potential investors worldwide.

The next possibility is to find a platform where investors are looking for traders to manage their funds. For example, you can connect your live account to Darwinex and investors can invest in your portfolio. Darwinex tracks your past and real trading account at the same time.

You can open mirror trading accounts such as HFCopy Investment, Zulutrade or Collective2. This is if you want to share Forex signals. However, if you just like managing other people's money, PAMM is much better.

Step 2. Once you have a live trading account and great results, you need to install software to track your live trading account.

This is a great way to promote your trading. With Myfxbook or FXStat, you can promote your system to all potential traders and investors for free.

Step 3. Create a website where you will advertise your portfolio and system to investors.

When you have real trading results, past trading results, PAMM account, it's time to open the door to potential direct investors. Direct investors can contact you personally and you can negotiate with them on how and where you will manage their accounts.

Step 4. The final step is to promote your trading portfolio.

Finding the right investor requires persistence. There will be plenty of investors, but they may not be a good fit for you. Traders used to post their specs and trades on a separate online forum where investors could view their stats and communicate with them. Such forums gradually disappeared as they became increasingly clogged with spam. As a result, traders had to find other ways to communicate with investors and vice versa. The solution to this problem was social media. Social media plays an important role in connecting investors and traders in search of trading opportunities. Platforms such as Youtube and trading blogs connect brokers with the investors they need to succeed. This type of business greatly benefits both parties and allows them to achieve a higher level of success together.

Some traders would disagree with the view that a Forex investor is necessary. Some traders do not need the hassle of borrowing other people's money. Some traders believe that an investor will find them themselves in the future and make the deal. The idea of financial development, attracting investment and generating income is a natural cycle for these investors. Beginning traders usually seek funds from friends and relatives first. This can be a risky venture as the consequences are greater if you have a personal relationship with a lender. Some traders are able to generate income by raising their own capital. Sometimes this is not enough and larger investments are required to sustain.

Therefore, you can use Youtube or Facebook to create a page and promote your website as well as your social trading accounts and PAMM accounts.

Types of Investors

There are two main types of investors for Forex traders. The first type of investors are those who are looking to raise capital by investing funds. These people already have accumulated funds ready to be invested. This method will yield more profits than bank despotisms. The next type of investor used to be a trader but has since changed their role in the market. They have the ability to analyze, risk management and general knowledge of the market.

With an inexperienced investor who lacks a basic understanding of the Forex market, investment trades can be frustrating. Investors can become impatient and frustrated due to lack of knowledge about the Forex market. Investors who lack a basic understanding of the Forex market interfere with daily tasks and are more of a burden than an asset.

An experienced trader who understands the intricacies of the market is much more likely to be patient and understanding. Investors who have experience as a trader are more reliable and stable in their associations.

Regardless of the type of investor you choose, it is always important to approach them correctly. The initial approach and first impression is the key to long-term success. You can use various strategies to sell yourself to the right investor.

You can attract investors such as private corporations and proprietary companies. If you approach them, they will ask you to maintain a very low drawdown (less than 5%) and follow the rules. In this case, you will get several times more money but also more responsibility.


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