Top 3 SCPIs to invest in 2024

Investing in a SCPI allows you to invest in "paper" real estate by buying shares in a non-traded company (SCPI) that aims to build a diverse portfolio of properties to generate rental income.

With an average payout rate of 4,53 %, SCPIs allow private investors to achieve strong results by diversifying their investment portfolio.

Introducing our selection of the best SCPIs.

1. Corum Origin

Launched in 2012 by asset management company Corum Asset Management, Corum Origin SCPI has one of the most geographically diversified real estate portfolios, with a strong eurozone presence in 13 countries.

This opportunistic investment strategy allows Corum Origin to take advantage of real estate cycles in multiple countries and acquire properties with strong long-term value growth potential.

Corum Origin's diversification extends across asset types: approximately 49 % office real estate, 32 % retail, 9 % hotel, with the remainder split between office, logistics and healthcare.

2. Épargne Foncière

The perpetual SCPI Épargne Foncière, created in 1968 by La Française Real Estate Managers, has established itself as one of the largest yielding SCPIs in the paper real estate market with a capitalization of €5 billion and 51 000 shareholders. With an entry price of €835 (one unit), it is one of the most affordable for investors.

SCPI Épargne Foncière's investment policy focuses on office properties (75 %), retail space, managed residential buildings and logistics warehouses. Due to the company's long history, most of its properties are located in France, but the company also makes acquisitions in the European Union.

Épargne Foncière SCPI also invests in so-called alternative properties such as healthcare facilities, hotels and parking lots to counter the falling yields of more traditional assets.

The quality of its tenants has enabled the company to achieve an excellent financial occupancy rate (TOF) of 95,2 %. The payout ratio of 4,57 % (i.e. a dividend of €36) confirms the company's truly stable performance, with a minimum annualized yield of 4,40 % over the past 10 years.

3. Remake Live

Established by Remake Asset Management in early 2022, SCPI Remake Live is the youngest in this SCPI ranking. However, it is already demonstrating a high rate of development.

The company's development strategy is based on responsible real estate investment (Remake Live SCPI already has the SRI label), which should combine profitability and social benefit. The company is targeting diversified acquisitions in urban areas with more than 250 000 inhabitants in France and Europe, including office, retail, entertainment and healthcare properties, followed by residential properties.

To attract investors, Remake Live SCPI utilizes a low entry fee (i.e. unit price of €200) and zero subscription fee in exchange for a withdrawal fee of 5 % (including tax) for the first 5 years and an annual management fee of 18 % (including tax) of rental income.

The Corum Origin, Épargne Foncière and Remake Live SCPIs are good options for private investors looking for a diversified portfolio with high returns. When selecting an SCPI, it is important to do your own research and consult with a financial advisor.


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