3 best Stockbrokers for 2024

The findings of the Authority for the Financial Markets (AMF) are clear: between 75% and 89% of stock market investors lose money. Does that figure seem high? But it's even higher if you consider only retail investors and an investment horizon of more than 4 years.

If you don't want to join the three-quarters of investors who lose money, you need to do everything you can to maximize your chances. And that starts with choosing a broker whose offers, financial products, commissions and interface suit you: follow the instructions.

After analyzing a large number of brokers, we have selected the top 3 for 2024. This list is based on a number of criteria, including reliability, commissions, platform quality and customer service, as well as the analysis tools offered.


Fortuneo is a French online bank founded in 2000 and known for its stock market services, savings, life insurance and bank cards.

It is characterized by its intuitive trading platform, competitive pricing and responsive support team.

Fortuneo offers four brokerage packages with transparent brokerage commissions tailored to different investor profiles: "0 Brokers", "Optimum", "Active Trader" and "100 Orders Trader".

To choose one of these four packages, you need to take into consideration:

  •  The initial capital you intend to deposit;
  •  Brokerage fees;
  •  The type of bank account you want to use;
  •  The markets you want to invest in.

Customer support is available via phone, email, online chat and social media. The trading platform used is Fortuneo LiveTrader, which is accessible from mobile devices.


BforBank is a French online bank founded in 2009 and is a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole. It is known for its expertise in stockbroking and value proposition based on quality and affordability.

It offers a range of packages designed for different investor profiles, with competitive rates and a state-of-the-art trading platform.

BforBank offers transparent brokerage commissions that are proportional to the order amount. After rebranding in September 2023, the company no longer offers PEA and securities accounts.

Customer service is still available via phone, email or chat. The trading platform used is modern and secure, offering numerous analysis tools and up-to-date information about the financial markets.


Yomoni is a French fintech founded in 2014. It is the first robo-advisor in France.

It offers fully automated portfolio management, personalized according to each client's risk profile and goals. Yomoni has carved out a niche for itself with over 10 000 clients and almost €100 million of assets under management, offering a simple and efficient investment solution.
Yomoni offers a competitive commission structure of 1,6% per annum, covering all costs. The support team is responsive and Yomoni also has a mobile app as of February 4, 2022. However, some users have complained that the service is limited to ETFs.

Yomoni is an online broker known for its customized automated management, competitive pricing and the simplicity of its platform, which is suitable for all types of investors looking for an efficient solution to manage their portfolio.

Why is choosing a broker so important?

A broker is your intermediary in accessing the financial markets. Their role is to:

  •  provide you with information about the market;
  •  provide you with the tools to analyze that information;
  •  execute your orders in the stock market.

A good broker should be reliable, fast, transparent in pricing and have an easy to use platform. It should also offer good customer service, because when it comes to your money, you want to make sure you can get help quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, your choice of broker can affect your results. Brokerage commissions that are too high can eat up all of your profits. Conversely, a broker that offers powerful analysis tools can help you make better investment decisions. So take time to make the best choice for you.


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