Active Capitals: How to Identify Forex Scammers?


There are many companies in the world of Forex brokers, but it is quite difficult to find a reliable intermediary. There are unscrupulous companies that not only fail to fulfill financial obligations, but also actively cheat and swindle funds from inexperienced traders. One of such companies is Active Capitals. In this article, we will consider the main signs of a fraudulent intermediary and give you tips on how to avoid such situations in the Forex market.

Active Capitals: The main signs of fraud

When considering Active Capitals, one cannot help but pay attention to a number of suspicious facts and signs that indicate that this is a fraudulent broker. Let's take a look at some of them:

1. Lack of regulation and licenses

Active Capitals is not monitored by any regulators and does not possess the necessary licenses. This is a serious warning that the company does not comply with the standards and regulations established in the forex market.

2. Promises of fast and high profits

The broker actively attracts clients with promises of instant and exorbitant profits. However, such promises are a frequent trick of fraudsters who lure traders with distorted data and implausible returns.

3. Selling ineffective courses

Active Capitals also sells ineffective training courses. They promise traders to get all the necessary knowledge and skills for successful trading, however, in practice these courses turn out to be useless and do not bring the expected results.

How to avoid fraud in the Forex market?

When choosing a broker in the Forex market, you need to be especially careful and vigilant. Here are some tips to help you avoid fraud and find a reliable broker:

1. Research the broker's reputation

Do a thorough research on the broker's reputation. Look for independent reviews and ratings from other traders. Pay attention to ratings and comments about the company. If a broker has payment arrears or many negative reviews, this is a serious warning sign of bad faith.

2. Check licenses and regulation

Make sure that the broker you choose has the necessary licenses and is regulated by the proper authorities. This provides additional protection for your funds and ensures compliance with market rules and standards.

3. Familiarize yourself with the company's terms and conditions and policies

Read the user agreement and company policies carefully. Make sure that the terms and conditions are transparent and clear. If you find unclear fines and penalties, it may be a sign of the company's bad faith.

4. Pay attention to payment systems

Check which payment systems the broker works with. Make sure that they are trusted and reliable. If the broker uses unknown or unreliable payment systems, it may be a sign of bad faith.

5. Be vigilant

Be extremely careful when communicating with the company representatives. If the broker starts contacting you actively, calls from hidden numbers and uses aggressive methods of attraction, it can be a sign of bad faith.


Fraudulent Forex brokers pose a serious threat to traders. However, with proper research and vigilance, you can avoid such situations. Do not forget to check the company's reputation, licenses and terms and conditions, as well as be especially careful when choosing payment systems. Remember that a reliable broker should be regulated, transparent and have a good reputation.


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