Beware of fraudulent company Mbf Limited in Forex market

Attention all traders and investors!

Today we want to talk about the fraudulent company Mbf Limited, which promises big profits in the Forex market, but in reality is nothing more than a common fraudulent scheme.

The Mbf Limited fraud scheme looks like this:

  1. The company offers its clients to create a trading account and invest money in the Forex market.
  2. The company promises large profits from trading in the Forex market and provides clients with access to their trading platform.
  3. The company promises clients that they can withdraw their money at any time, but in reality this is not the case.
  4. The company does not provide clients with any information about its financial indicators and does not allow clients to check their trading accounts.
  5. The company may not return money to clients or return it only partially.

We strongly recommend all investors and traders not to trust the company Mbf Limited and not to invest their money in it.

This company is nothing more than a common fraudulent scheme that promises big profits, but in reality cannot provide them.

We urge all investors and traders to be cautious and thoroughly study the information about any company before investing their money in it.


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