The Unseen Future: Unmasking the Forex Scammer, Avenir

In the world of Forex trading, the broker you choose significantly influences your success. A good broker facilitates your transactions, providing quality services that directly affect your earnings. However, the Forex market is not without its share of charlatans who employ a range of unethical tactics, from technical manipulations to spreading fake news. One such entity is Avenir. This article aims to expose their unscrupulous practices and urge the trading community to stay vigilant.

The Untrustworthy Avenir

Sadly, many traders have fallen victim to Avenir's deceptive practices. Online platforms are teeming with negative reviews, pointing to the company's unreliability. Avenir operates without valid licenses, demonstrates unprofessional behavior, breaches regulatory norms, and fails to provide payouts. Their customer service is unresponsive and their website leaves much to be desired. Avenir has no clearly defined user agreement, enticing traders with low commissions and claims of zero risk. It is essential to realize that Avenir is a fraudster who should not be trusted.

The Risks of Trading with Avenir

If you decide to open an account with Avenir, you are likely to lose money and gain a bitter experience. The company appeared less than a month ago, but its representatives claim years of operation and millions of open accounts—claims that are not substantiated by fact.

Identifying Avenir's Fraudulent Practices

Avenir does not possess legal documentation that validates its operations. The company's website lacks legal information, and their financial reports are never made available. Their history is riddled with gaps and inconsistencies. The website often hangs, and their employees show a lack of competence. Moreover, Avenir uses bots to post "positive" reviews and has been caught manipulating prices. They artificially inflate and deflate the value of certain stocks, creating false market signals for investors.

Deceptive Techniques Employed by Avenir

Here are some other dishonest tactics employed by Avenir:

  • Dissemination of False Information: Avenir regularly publishes misleading reports and recommendations on its website and social media platforms, confusing traders.

  • Use of Spoofing: Avenir simulates futures purchase/sale orders at a lower price, creating a false impression of a price drop.

  • Artificial Demand Creation: Avenir uses computer software for purchases and sales, influencing the prices of financial instruments and increasing investor interest.

  • Use of Fictitious Investment Schemes: The company guarantees instant profits through investment in non-existent products. It also frequently showcases false client results.

Avenir: The Unscrupulous Broker

Avenir lacks transparency, exaggerates profit margins, and presents dubious withdrawal methods. Its representatives often initiate contact, aggressively pushing their services. They behave unprofessionally, carrying out daily spamming on social media, messaging apps, and via email. They offer improbable terms, attempting to lure in potential clients with promises of high profits and low percentages. The company operates outside of regulatory control, and its registration details are hidden.

Why Avenir Should Not Be Trusted

Avenir has received several negative reviews from clients who have suffered from its unfair practices. Almost no one has been able to withdraw their money, and there have been reports of pressure from company representatives. Their customer service is non-functional, and mobile trading is underdeveloped. There have also been instances of additional charges not mentioned in the contract. Risks are not disclosed, and the quoted prices on the website are outdated. Here are more reasons why you should not open an account with Avenir:

  • No financial reporting
  • Doubtful conditions
  • Hidden user agreement
  • Absence of licenses, other legal documents, and contact information on the website
  • The brand has been in existence for less than a month
  • No training provided
  • Price manipulation
  • Promotion of non-existent investment products

Avenir violates regulatory standards, consistently deceives clients, fails to meet its obligations, makes unsolicited calls, and does not process payouts. It's advisable to steer clear of this broker to avoid financial loss. Beware, Avenir is a typical scammer!


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