Crypto Note Trade: A comprehensive analysis of its practices

In the vast landscape of Forex, we occasionally encounter entities whose operations raise more questions than answers. One such entity is Crypto Note Trade, a brand that has recently surfaced and quickly gained notoriety for a myriad of reasons. This analysis aims to shed light on the practices of this broker, highlighting the factors contributing to its alarming reputation.

Website Evaluation

A broker's website often provides valuable insights into its operations, and Crypto Note Trade is no exception. However, the insights gathered from its site are far from reassuring. The platform appears hastily assembled, with several textual errors, irrelevant external links, and a glaring lack of crucial company information.

Absence of Essential Information

Upon visiting Crypto Note Trade's site, you're met with a glaring lack of information. Legal documents, registration details, and even basic contact information are conspicuously absent. The brand does not operate its trading terminal, instead, it prompts users to download an obscure application to trade in the stock market.

Lack of Mobile Trading Development

Their mobile trading development appears to be non-existent, a surprising fact considering the wave of digital transformation currently sweeping across the financial landscape. The internet is abuzz with negative reviews, leading many to question the authenticity of Crypto Note Trade.

Company Background and Reputation

Crypto Note Trade surfaced barely a month ago but has already landed on the blacklist of several prominent international registrars. Its activities remain unregulated, and no record of successful payouts exists. Clients have reported unprofessional behavior, with services seemingly reserved for Swiss-registered individuals only.

News Falsification and Technical Manipulation

Crypto Note Trade has been accused of news falsification and technical manipulation. It lacks a well-structured user agreement, fails to adhere to contracts, and imposes additional, undisclosed fees. The brand's aggressive telemarketing strategies have been flagged, with employees initiating contact and persistently calling from various numbers.

Lack of Transparency

Transparency is a significant concern with Crypto Note Trade. The company does not provide financial reports, and contacting their support service seems to be an impossible task. No risk disclosures exist, and their quotes vary significantly from market values. As such, Crypto Note Trade has been labeled a fraudster, accused of violating market ethical principles and potentially exposing client data to malicious entities.

Payment Security

Crypto Note Trade's payment security is another area of concern. The company recommends transferring funds using unknown systems, which brings the safety of its transactions into question.

Indicators of Crypto Note Trade's fraudulent nature

The indicators of Crypto Note Trade's fraudulent nature extend beyond a poorly constructed website and lack of registration. The company engages in cold calling, aggressively contacting potential clients from various numbers. It also sends unsolicited emails and social media messages.

Aggressive and Intrusive Behavior

The behavior exhibited by Crypto Note Trade is overly aggressive and intrusive. Their support service is unresponsive, and there's reported psychological pressure exerted by its staff. Here are reasons to avoid opening an account with Crypto Note Trade:

  • Incredibly low rates
  • No fixed commissions
  • Delayed order execution
  • Automatic trade cancellations
  • Additional undisclosed fees
  • Search engine invisibility
  • Issues with user agreement
  • Recent brand emergence
  • Price manipulation
  • Hidden documents
  • Services mainly offered to Swiss-registered individuals
  • Lack of regulatory oversight
  • Promises of instant profits
  • Intrusive behavior
  • Publication of false statistics

Crypto Note Trade violates existing standards, fails to process payouts, and has a generally poor reputation.

Crypto Note Trade: A Trustworthy Entity?

It's challenging to label Crypto Note Trade as a legitimate entity, given the lack of verifiable evidence supporting its legality. The brand has received numerous negative reviews, accusing it of dishonesty and failing to process payouts. It allegedly uses bots to inflate its rating and publish similar positive reviews.

Company History and Registration

Crypto Note Trade's history is riddled with inaccuracies, making it difficult to verify its registration. It's known to manipulate prices periodically, creating artificial demand and misleading signals for investors. Although the broker offers leverage, the conditions are unclearly laid out.

Crypto Note Trade: A Deceiver

Crypto Note Trade has been labeled a deceiver, regularly publishing false data and counterfeit analytical reports that mislead traders. It's known to engage in spoofing, creating an illusion of price reduction by imitating futures orders, thereby generating artificial demand.


The practices of Crypto Note Trade raise significant concerns. It's crucial that potential investors exercise caution when dealing with this brand, given the abundance of red flags indicating potential fraudulent activities. Always remember to conduct thorough due diligence before investing your hard-earned money.


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